Fighting Weight: The Jump Rope Workout

If you think skipping rope is only for the playground, think again—it’s  your best bet for staying in shape this fall

Article Reprintjumping rope

When I signed up at a boxing gym earlier this year, I hadn’t skipped rope  since first-grade P.E. I remember the girls being better at it than the boys,  and I filed the activity in the same mental category as hopscotch and pattycake.  But before getting my hands wrapped on my first day at the gym I was sent to the  back of the room where another would-be pugilist was jumping rope before a big  panel of mirrors. He skipped quickly and nimbly while old Young Jeezy played  over the speakers. As I grabbed a speed rope and tried my best to jump it, I  looked at the photos of famous fighters above the mirrors and thought about how  quickly some of those dudes might rearrange my face if I told them skipping rope  is for little girls in pigtails. 

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