Fighting Weight: The Jump Rope Workout

3 minutes jump rope Once again, keep your feet together and jump  with both legs at the same time.

10 regular push-ups Start in push-up position with your feet  together and your hands shoulder-width apart on the ground. Keeping your body  straight, lower yourself until your nose almost touches the ground, then push  back up until your arms are fully extended.

10 dips Sit down on a chair or bench and cup your hands on the edge  on either side of your thighs. Walk your legs out until you’re no longer sitting  and are supporting yourself on your hands. Using your arms, lower yourself in  front of the chair or bench, then push back up until your arms are fully  extended.

3 minutes jump rope This time, bounce from one foot to the other,  either jumping on each foot just once before alternating, or changing foot every  two or three jumps.

15 full sit-ups Laying on your back with your feet on the ground  and your arms crossed over your chest, sit all the way up until your elbows  touch your knees. Lower yourself back until your shoulder blades touch the  ground, then repeat.

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