Fighting Weight: The Jump Rope Workout

3 minutes jump rope This time, run in place as you skip the rope.

60 seconds dips Using the same form as above, do as many dips as  you can in a minute.

3 minutes jump rope This time side-to-side again, bouncing from one  foot to the other, either jumping on each foot just once before alternating, or  changing foot every two or three jumps.

60 seconds decline push-ups Start in push-up position with your  feet together up on a chair, bed, or couch, and your hands shoulder-width apart  on the ground. Keeping your body straight, lower yourself with your arms until  your nose is almost to the ground, then push back up until your arms are fully  extended. Do as many as you can in a minute.

3 minutes jump rope Keeping your feet together and your legs  straight, jump with both legs at the same time.

60 seconds leg lifts Lay on your back and make a diamond with your  hands under your tailbone for support. Keeping your legs straight, raise them  until they are perpendicular to the ground. Still keeping them straight, lower  them until your heels lightly touch the ground. Do this as many times as you can  in a minute.

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