Hoffa Ambushed


Article Reprinthoffa

The way Sheeran saw it, the Mob only had two choices:  murder Hoffa or put him in the plot. By doing that, they got a chance to make sure they could trust him—it was the only way. To Sheeran, Hoffa was admired, almost idolized.  He did not take the order to get rid of Hoffa easily, but  Sheeran figured that if he did not do it, Bufalino would get someone else and he probably would get whacked, too.  Sheeran didn’t feel good about the assignment but he was a natural born killer. The disturbing part of the plan for Sheeran was that Hoffa could have avoided his fate anytime he wanted. All he had to do was drop out of race for the Teamster’s presidency. Unfortunately for Hoffa, he believed he was untouchable.

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