James Gandolfini Likely Ignored 4 Crucial Heart Attack Warning Signs, Says Top Heart Doc

Whether you’re on vacation or  not, according to Dr. Crandall, your body will often warn you of a heart attack  days, weeks, even a month before the attack strikes. However, many people fail  to recognize or act on these warning signs. Recent research from Duke University  Medical School indicates that up to 60% of people fail to recognize they are  having a heart attack. And these so-called “silent” heart attacks are associated  with a shockingly high risk of death.

To help educate the public about  this life-threatening heart health hazard, Dr. Crandall has created a free video  presentation detailing four bodily signs in particular — some of the most  ominous warnings of unrecognized heart attacks.
Heart disease generally starts decades before it is diagnosed, Dr. Crandall  said. In fact, many of those over 35 already have the early stages of heart  disease without even realizing it.

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