BTN Exclusive Interview with  Jay-Z Mentor: Jaz-O the Originator

Exclusive Interview with Jaz-O the Originator

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Emcee Jaz-O’s most famous deed throughout his career might be the mentorship of a young Brooklyn rapper named Jay-Z. Although the two have since parted ways, the acknowledgment that Jay-Z learned the game from Jaz-O goes unquestioned. The fact that he schooled possibly the most famous rapper ever, gives him lifetime membership in the credibility department; we caught up with the “originator” on his trip to Chicago to host a Def Squad reunion show.


The History

Black Truth News: Can you take a second and tell the people who you are?

Jaz-O: It’s Jaz-O the originator. Marcy’s greatest; the king forever.

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