Judge Grants Artists Restraining Order to Block Destruction of NY ‘Graffiti Mecca’

Federal district judge Frederic Block scheduled a hearing for Nov. 6, when the judge will address a request for a preliminary injunction and the artists’ allegations that Wolkoff violated an existing restraining order this weekend.

The city block in the Queens neighborhood of Long Island City has grown into a popular tourist destination in New York in the past several years. It’s even included in more than 100 international travel guides, with hundreds of tourists visiting in any given week, the lawsuit states.

Cohen, who tags under the name Meres One, said the property owner has allowed aerosol artists to decorate the interior and exterior of the building’s walls since 1993, according to a lawsuit filed Oct. 10 with the U.S. District Court in Brooklyn.

Roland Acevedo, a pro-bono attorney for Cohen and the artists, said 5Pointz is “tantamount to the Louvre for artists.”

Acevedo said the artists are proposing to buy the property, which is viewed by thousands of commuters along the 7 subway train, at fair market value. Acevedo said the artists say they can raise the money to purchase the property.

The owner had only three rules for 5Pointz: no religious art, no profanity and no pornography, court papers noted.

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