Lil Boosie Reality Show Reminds Me of Shawty Lo Cancelled Show

By: Jarrod Horton

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God Bless the folks that are trying to put Lil Boosie back on. Lord knows coming out of that cage it is extremely tough to get your life back on track. With that said I understand the premise of Lil Boosie new reality show involving his four baby mothers. I understand how hard it may be to provide income for your family; hence you have to do what you gotta do.

My only question is why did they cancel rapper Shawty Lo reality show involving his baby mothers and then turn around and put Lil Boosie show on? I think it is pretty much the same plot, except I think Shawty Lo show would have been funnier. That nigga Shawty Lo got eleven children from ten different women. Some people thought it was funny others thought it was sad. Those who felt the latter signed a petition to get the show canceled last year. I don’t watch reality shows, in my opinion, they are all a mockery of the human experience. So to single out just one seems a little hypocritical to me; anyway here are the trailers for both respective reality shows. Watch them and tell me what the differences between the two shows are. Follow@beargrizz

Shawty Lo – All My Babies Mamas (TV Show) (2012)



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