Listening Party for Jeff Da Illest: “The Late Night Experience”

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writerjdi listen compress

Last month I attended Chicago’s Soul Selector DJ Jeff Da Illest (JDI) listening party for his “unprecedented album” The Late Night Experience. The experience took place at the Velvet Lounge which is located in the South Loop area of Chicago (67 east Cermak road). Cold nights is what we been having in the city of Chicago, but it was some hot music coming out the Velvet Lounge on this night. I didn’t stay for the whole event, but I did manage to get some footage and take some flicks. You can view the pictures and video footage below. Yo can purchase Jeff Da Illest’s The Late Night Experience on iTunes and other outlets; click his link below for more information.jdi listen compress 3

jdi listen compress 2

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