Man tries to pay water bill with crack cocaine

By Owen Weldon

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On Monday a Florida public works office was evacuated after a  man went to pay his water bill with an envelope that contained crack cocaine.

According to Raw Story, at first employees did not know what the white  powder was, so they contacted emergency crews. That was when the powder was  identified as crack cocaine.


Sheriff’s deputies in Volusia County  said that it is not uncommon for customers to leave envelopes on the counter of  the Deltona Water office when they pay their bills.


According to NBC, however, when an employee opened up the envelope, no  writing or statement was found. Instead, around 3 grams of the drug was inside.


According to New York Daily, police have yet to reveal the identity of  the man who attempted to settle his account using the drugs.


As of now the investigation is still  ongoing.

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