Mom Sues CPS After Daughter’s Suicide, Says School ‘Ignored’ Bullying

The suit alleges that CPS did not address claims of bullying of McKenzie at Peirce Elementary School or report instances of bullying to police and her family.

“The continued bullying that McKenzie suffered at school should have never been allowed,” McKenzie’s mother, Beth Martin, said in a statement provided through her attorneys. “McKenzie and I were relying on the administration to help us, but they ignored and dismissed the severity of the problem. They did not have McKenzie’s back, she felt like she had nowhere to turn.

“I want McKenzie to have a voice, the one that went unheard while she was alive. I live with the pain of McKenzie’s loss every day and want to help make sure no other child will have to endure the physical and emotional torment she experienced at school.”

Last month, CPS said an internal investigation of the alleged incidents found “no credible evidence” that McKenzie had been bullied at school.

CPS spokesman Bill McCaffrey declined to comment Thursday on the lawsuit, citing “pending litigation.”

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