Mom Sues CPS After Daughter’s Suicide, Says School ‘Ignored’ Bullying

Before she took her life, McKenzie Phlipot posted several things on social media about being bullied at school, but did not detail all the incidents referenced in the flier from her parents.

In one post to her Instagram account in December, she wrote, “Like if u hate bullies.” A few months later, she wrote, “Look! All the bullies at my school need to stop talking.” On the photo, one commenter seemed to defend the practice, saying, “Every body bullies u.”

Then, on May 4, four days before McKenzie’s death, she made a final post to her Instagram account.

“If I died, would you cry?” read the text. “Would you wonder if I was happy? Would I be on your mind? Would you ever speak my name again? Would you come to my funeral? Would you miss me? Would you think of me? Would you remember all our inside jokes, the memories we created, even if they weren’t that serious?

“Would your heart drop to your stomach when you found out that it was suicide?”

The lawsuit presents excerpts from CPS’ Anti-Bullying Policy, which instructs all CPS employees and contractors to intervene if bullying is observed at school and then report the incident. The suit claims CPS failed to properly train its employees and failed to report the bullying of McKenzie to police.

The suit alleges that “sustained physical and emotional injuries” from bullying led to her death.

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