Official tornado count: 14 twisters hit during devastating Midwest storm

Parkman says counties abutting Tazewell County have received assistance from local law enforcement and emergency management agencies throughout the state, as well as from nonprofit agencies and chambers of commerce that have partnered to raise funds and solicit donations. “It’s just amazing the people who have been wanting to help,” she says.

One group, the First Response Team of America, a Pennsylvania organization that works in disaster areas with equipment donated by Caterpillar Inc., arrived Monday, according to its Facebook page. The organization says that in the early hours of removing rubble, it discovered a cat, Bacchus, who had been living under the debris for at least 24 hours.

Lindsay Dubois, the cat’s owner, said Bacchus is the second of two cats rescued amid the devastation. “They both seem perfectly OK. Totally scared, but they don’t seem to have any major injuries,” she said.

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