Pimp Chronicles by Bear Grizzly: Money, Power & Respect

This is the first installment of a new series called the Pimp Chronicles. The purpose of the PC is to share some of my observations, conversations, and experiences that I have had while dating and being in relationships with various women.

By: Bear Grizzly

Guest Columnist

Why call it Pimp Chronicles?


It should be noted that I am not a pimp; nor have I ever been one. However, I did grow up on the west side of Chicago; and my hood was filled with “Pimps and ho’s.” Of course, I will only talk about the “ones I know.” I remember going to a local beeper shop in my neighborhood every month to pay my beeper bill. I believe more than the monthly payment, is the memory of seeing the owner, who I saw quite often; his name was Bishop Don Juan. I sometimes apply the pimp philosophies I have heard to normal situations and saw them be effective and true.

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