Q&A: Ice-T on Pimping and the Pope

By Eric Spitznagel

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In Ice-T’s 2012 tell-all, Ice: A Memoir  of Gangster Life and Redemption, he went on record about the world’s second  oldest profession. “Pimpin’ ain’t easy,” he wrote. “No, as a matter of fact,  it’s very fucking complicated. It’s the type of game where you’ll end up pulling  your hair out before you learn to do it correctly.” This thesis is proven  conclusively in the new Ice-T-produced documentary, Iceberg Slim: Portrait  of a Pimp, available on iTunes now and in theaters now. Iceberg Slim, for the  uninitiated, is the world’s most famous former pimp, a guy who wrote one of the  most influential “non-fiction” books about the game, the 1967 paperback Pimp: The Story of My Life — a copy of which ended up in the back  pocket of a New Jersey kid named Tracy Marrow who’d grow up to write rap songs  about cop killers and, well, pimps.

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