Q&A: Snoop Lion Strikes Back at ‘Reincarnated’ Collaborator Bunny Wailer

‘You wasn’t the s**t in the Wailers,’ he says of Bob Marley’s

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In early 2012, Snoop Dogg took a three-week trip to Jamaica in order to make new music and explore a country and culture that had long fascinated him. The fruits of that trip included a Rastafarian purification ceremony at a Nyabinghi temple, a name change to Snoop Lion, a reggae-inspired album called Reincarnated (out yesterday) and a promotional documentary of the same name. During the film, Snoop smokes a chalice with Bob Marley’s old bandmate, Bunny Wailer, and invites him to sing on the new album – Wailer assents, but only after expressing his hope that Snoop’s adoption of the Rastafarian movement will not be “commercialized.” (As it happens, the Reincarnated film features abundant product placement for Adidas, which sponsors Snoop and which kicked in money for the budget, according to a member of Snoop’s management team.)

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