So was Whitney Houston Murdered? Private Investigator he has Video Proving Singer was Killed by Drug Dealers

  • Former police officer says 48-year-old died  after racking up debts
  • Medical examiner ruled she accidentally  drowned in a hotel bathtub
  • She had taken cocktail of cocaine, marijuana and prescription drugs
  • Paul Huebl believes troubled star was  targeted by ‘high powered’ dealers
  • Says they sent thugs to collect $1.5million  debt she owed for drugs
  • He claims marks on her body look like  defensive wounds


By: Tom Leonard

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whitney 6As Whitney Houston’s drugs-ravaged body lay  cold under a sheet in her suite at a Beverly Hills hotel, elsewhere in the  building a Grammy Awards party was being thrown by her long-time mentor Clive  Davis.

Later, while guests including Britney Spears,  Diana Ross, Jane Fonda and Sir Richard Branson were swanning out of the front  entrance, Houston’s corpse was being hustled ignominiously out of a side  door.

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