The Dark Side of Seedless Fruit

Genetic Modifications traced in seedless fruits

Levi J. Baldwin III

Article Submission   

First off….all fruit contain seeds naturally. The purpose of the fruit of is it to hold seeds and hopefully be consumed, digested and excreted to a new location. This germination symbiotic relationship happens in all areas of nature, most commonly with bees and flowers. Seedless fruit is genetically modified fruit and has no place in nature.

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  1. It depends on the fruit. Bananas are easy bauesce if the skin is brown they are bad. Buy them slightly green and keep them at home until ripe. That way you know they are fresh. i heard you can make them ripen faster by putting them in a brown paper bag.Apples are the best if the skin is shiny.Avicados are the same as bananas. Buy them firm and green and let them ripen at home. Melons are the hardest. Choose the one with the best looking skin with no soft spots.Strawberries you can tell by just looking at them. Also once you have them at home if one gets moldy you sould throw out the whole punnet.

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