The Way I See It: Two fro the Road

       The Truth!! Uncut, untainted, straight forward and most important, UNSOLICITED!!!




These last two years have been pretty rough for your boy but finally, brighter days are ahead. Through all the ups and mostly downs that I have recently experienced, two philosophies help me survive:

1. REMAIN POSITIVE – No matter the trials and tribulations that you experience. No matter how often bad luck seems to find you. No matter how rough things get and how bleak the future seems. REMAIN POSITIVE. See, being negative accomplishes nothing. To spend your time dwelling on something that has already happened and/or a situation that you can’t change is pointless. It is wasted energy. Ask yourself, “what has being negative done for me? What has it help me accomplish?” Instead, spend your time coming up with ways to make the best out of what you have. Acknowledge the reality of your situation and try your best to take lemons and make lemonade. By always remaining positive, you will find that you are consistently in better moods and are much happier as a person despite your situation. Most importantly, thinking positive usually manifests itself into thinking about solutions and how you can take advantage of what’s in front you.

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