United States Government Actions in Libya are Suspect but Familiar

American Government supports rebel Libya troops in their quest to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi

Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Should the United States Government arm rebel soldiers in Libya? Didn’t the United States arm Osama Bin Laden and his soldiers? Didn’t they train the so called “suicide bombers’ how to fly planes subsequently leading to the death of thousands and the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York City?  The truth of the matter is you can’t give people guns and go say ‘fight a war,’ you have to train those people in combat and show them how to use those weapons.

Lack of Knowledge

The kicker in the Libya situation is that the United States government doesn’t completely know who the rebel forces are or exactly what their motives. President Obama in a report on CNN said “the people we met were professionals, doctors, lawyers they appear to be credible people.” It would seem an appearance of credibility would not be sufficient as it pertains to war, but the rebels are battling America’s longtime nemesis Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the man President Reagan once referred to as ’the mad dog of the Middle East’ Sadly this scenario sounds like a comical excuse for war, like a pledge from the Call of Duty video game or a scene from the movie Iron Man where Robert Downey Jr. is call upon to save mankind from one diabolical madman. As a citizen of the United States of America, I don’t feel that kind of threat against my life, maybe I’m isolated in my opinion, or trap in a bubble, but as of late, I only feel threatened when I enter a gas station. What if the rebel soldiers get into power and turn out to be worse than Gaddafi? For now, they have succeeded in capturing the eastern half of the country also Ras Lanuf, a city in northern Libya that produces over 220,000 barrels of oil a day. This is said to be the reason why we have gas prices soaring everyday, but it seems to me, someone, somewhere raises the prices whenever they feel like it.  On March 17, 2011, the United Nations voted to issue a no fly zone over areas captured by the rebels this decree protects the rebels and their families against Gaddafi and his army.

Defining Moment

Most presidents have a defining moment in their term which decides what type of legacy they will leave in office. President Obama thus far hasn’t had that moment, a state of emergency, where the country is counting on him to make a tough decision that decides the fate of our existence, and our future. Although the president truly doesn’t have this power, the perception is needed, to justify more times than not, the advancement of imperialistic views and interests of America’s corporate elite. Yes he has approved some domestic policies an also help implement a ‘stimulus package’ to boost the economy and extend benefits to citizens in a tough economic crisis, but he hasn’t made a stamp on the world that reinforces America as a world power. In March of 2003 former President George w. Bush declared an invasion on Iraq and Saddam Hussein by May 1stof the same year, the president was claiming victory. Of course the President and his sectary of defense Donald Rumsfeld lied about discovering weapons of mass destruction but none of that matter’s because America now has control of the oil rich country and its resources and killed their leader Saddam Hussein. President Obama is facing similar circumstances as his predecessor but is publicly moving in a different manner. Instead of directly using his CIA henchmen to train and assist with the rebel soldiers, he is indirectly helping the soldiers with humanitarian aid, the passing of the UN no fly zone, or simply demanding a country like Saudi Arabia to help the soldiers while he decides what the next step will be regarding the government’s involvement. Obama has stated “he is not going to put both feet in” regarding the war, but on the other hand, “Gaddafii must go and relinquish power” he said.

Gaddafi history with the U.S

Colonel Gaddafi took leadership over Libya in 1969. Leading an army of about 70 men, he successfully organized a non violent military coup of King Idris and his regime. His control of the country has since brought forth his vision to be a “champion for oppressed people around the world.”  Through speeches and doctrines he has been critical and against the practices of capitalist countries. His doctrines were published in a book in 1975 called the Green Book. He details his blueprint for economic and social change inside the book and makes it required reading for all of his citizens. Gaddafi has been accused of taking his words and action to the extreme by openly supporting international acts of terrorism. This has made Libya isolated from the rest of the world, and produced sanctions that has prevented it from trading or doing any business with foreign countries.   Here in America, he is an open friend to Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan, who he loaned 3 million dollars to build Mosque Maryam on the south side of Chicago. In addition he is accused of plotting to blow up government official buildings and trying to kill a Milwaukee Alderman with incarcerated leader of the Black Stones street gang in Chicago, Jeff Fort. The bottom line is he has been a thorn in the side of the America government, and western powers since he took office. To the extent America bombed Libya in 1986.

Helping out black folks in this country is one thing but he also travels with an all female security/escort team, he has a full size tent that he sets up where ever he travels to, including famously setting it up in the  exclusive Hamptons in East New York. It’s just not what he does; it’s how he does it. His defiance and lack of cooperation could ultimately be his downfall, but maybe not. These same characteristics has garner him respect and alliances worldwide and in his country alike. He has vowed to die a “martyr” if he has too, while fighting the uprising in his country. He has extended the fighting longer than expected by regaining control over important locations in the country. Leaving no timetable on when or will the rebel soldiers will be able to take over the country.

All this begs the original question, should the U.S arm these soldiers and participate in their civil war. Well it seems they have already committed to helping, but should they fully engage in the war. That seems to be the million dollar question. With President Obama pledging to bring back home 100,000 troops from Afghanistan by July 2011, and budget cuts that threaten to leave those very soldiers without a paycheck, I would say no. But what I do know, I just want to see the gas prices drop.


This Article First Appeared in the Black Truth News Volume 2 Issue 4 April 2011

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