US Commander: US Will Be Fighting in Afghanistan in 2014

“What the education gives them now is the ability to read and write and allow them to really start the professionalization,” he added. “Any given day of the week right now we’ve got about 27,000 [individuals] in literacy training programs and, thus far, we have trained and already have tested over 25,000–so that’s generally where we are today.”

“We continue to expand this program,” said Caldwell. “Our goal is by about the end of December [2010] that any given day we’ll have 40 to 50,000 in literacy training programs and, hopefully by next summer — because we’re going to continue to expand this to the operational units — we’ll perhaps have as many as 100,000 doing some form of literacy training either towards the first grade level, the third grade level, or the sixth grade level.”

Caldwell pointed out that Afghan security forces, in “very isolated cases,” have already taken the lead in small regions of Afghanistan.

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