Voice of the People: Rational not Emotional Desicions should be Made by the Black Community

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By: April A. Goodwin

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I always like to point out that we as a people must stop being so emotional when speaking about President Obama. This is a bad habit in the black community. We do not care what evils a person is doing, as long as they are in a position of power, have money or some status in life, we support them. (i.e. R.Kelly, Chicago Black Community)


It is time to look at the ACTIONS of our president, and if you chose to support him, support him understanding fully who he is, what he stands for; and how his policies affect YOU.


The following story I found in the Huffington Post, regarding our President’s reaction to the attacks in Libya and Egypt, on the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack. My issue here is; why were we not prepared for attacks of this nature? The simple fact that it was the anniversary of the attack on our nation should have caused us to properly protect our Foreign Embassy Staff.


I am outraged that we have yet MORE unnecessary deaths to add to the list of US Soldiers we lose every day to the mission in the Middle East.


After reading the article, I too question our President’s actions on this issue. It is time to take action in the Middle East.  PLEASE GO TO PAGE 2 AND READ THE ARTICLE AND LEAVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS!

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