What Family Means to Me(Poem Submission)

By: Tanisha Horton

Family means falling down and loved ones there to help you up
Being sad and someone there to cheer you up

Family means cookouts and bar b-Q
No more family feuds

Family means forgive and forget
Not division and making others upset

Family means to make rules and for you to also abide
Not make rules while you choose sides

Family means to treat everyone equally not so much as the same
To love unconditionally and not place blame

Family means to provide love and support
Making others feel their worth

Family means being with a group of people that care
Knowing that they will always be there

Family means to help one another thru leaps and bounds
Every chance possible to make one another smile

Family isn’t just sharing a blood relation
Family is also an extended invitation

To become one in god’s house
I am your family because of my spouse


Tanisha Horton

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