When It Comes to Makeup, Do You Skimp or Splurge?

Splurge: Highlightermakeup 7

Highlighter is tricky stuff: It can make you look like a million bucks, or it can make you look like a greasy, glittery mess. This is why it’s worth it to invest in a well-formulated highlighter that applies sheerly and avoids sparkly bits, and preferably comes in a cream- or liquid-based illuminator you can apply precisely with your fingers.

Splurge on NARS Illuminator $30 Available in four shades, this pearly liquid adds a natural light that never looks like “too much.” Tap it on to cheekbones, beneath the arch of the eyebrows and in the bow of your lips.

Skimp: Powdermakeup 8

Powder sets the rest of your makeup and reduces shine. It’s usually one of the last things you apply, which means that even if you use the priciest foundation and eye shadow, a bad powder can ruin everything. The good news is that some of the best-setting powder out there is ridiculously cheap.

Save with Ben Nye Neutral Set Face Powder $6.00 This colorless face powder sets your makeup beautifully and naturally without creating a “cakey old lady” look. It’s only available in loose form, but the finish makes it worth it and a retractable kabuki brush makes it easy to travel with.

Splurge: Lipstickmakeup 9

Does good lipstick need to be expensive? No. Is great lipstick worth it? Absolutely yes. Not only is this probably the beauty bag item you most frequently use in public, it’s also the one you reach for when you need a little boost of mojo during the day. So put some of the money you save on other cosmetics toward a jaw-droppingly beautiful shade of lipstick with a nourishing, lasting formula. Bonus points if the lipstick comes in a substantial case that catches the light when you pull it out of your bag and closes with a satisfying click.

Splurge on Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain Jewel Lipstick Compact $49.50 Guerlain created the first tube lipstick more than a century ago, and now they’ve upped the ante with a rich, highly pigmented product with a dash of ruby powder to reflect light. The sleek silver case, designed by a Parisian jeweler, features a small mirror that pops up when the lipstick is removed. (This may seem like a hefty price tag for lipstick, but it’s a relative bargain compared to other Guerlain offerings–the brand also sells the world’s most expensive lipstick at a whopping $62,000!)

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