All Black Everything: NFL To Have First Ever African-American Officiating Crew On MNF

The Buccaneers are the first team in the NFL history with three Black coordinators in Todd Bowles (DEFENSE), Byron Leftwich (OFFENSE), and Keith Armstrong (SPECIAL TEAMS). They also have two women on Bruce Arians’ staff in Lori Locust (Asst Defensive Line) and Maral Javadifar (Asst Strength and Conditioning Coach).

While the Rams were the first team to reintegrate in 1946, after a 12-year color ban. They signed Kenny Washington (Running Back) and Woodie Strode (Wide Receiver). This move coincided with the Cleveland Browns signing Marion Motley (Fullback) and Bill Willis (Guard).

In most cases, the less that game officials are noticed the better for not drawing attention and the ire of coaches, players, and fans on controversial calls. But Monday Night’s crew led by Jerome Boger will be distinguished, celebrated, and highlighted for all the right reasons.

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