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Not only does Microphone Jordan has a cool name; he also is on a cool path to building his music career. He took the time to give his new single “Kiss” and answer a few questions about his upbringing in Chicago.


mic jordan interview

How do you think you stand out from the current crop of Chicago rappers?

I believe my word use and flow separates me from Chicago rappers. People aren’t giving you raps with just that rhythm, flavor and authenticity that I come with on my tracks. A 16 from one of my songs will mix well with any beat. My music isn’t necessarily drill, it’s just ill. And being skillful as well as selective in my craft is very important to me. To top it all off I have my own story, coming from the Southside of Chicago growing up in the suburbs. Yet I have connection to the West Side through my family, K-Town. I got family in hoods across America from Compton to Memphis. So I know my history and I want to learn more. All of these things I’m mentioning factor into me as a emcee. But bottom line these boys just not Microphone Jordan.

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