Banana-tossing Giants fan says gesture wasn’t racially motivated, just out of frustration

banana tossThe Giants also issued an apology saying the team had a “a zero tolerance policy against this type of behavior.” It had not, at the time, identified the fan in question.

The whole story sounds like something of the Larry David universe: Guy gets upset at favorite baseball team. Guy tosses nearest fruit onto the field as he storms out of the stadium. Guy learns the next day he’s been pegged as a racist. Can’t you just see an exasperated George Costanza explaining the story of how he became an accidental racist? (We’re not talking about you, Brad Paisley)

Though, if you’re thinking this whole thing sounds too much like fiction, then you’re not alone. Friend of the blog and Giants scribe Dave Tobener (aka @gggiants on Twitter) wasn’t exactly convinced the story is on the up-and-up:


Question: where are there catering carts with bananas in CF?

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How far can you really throw a banana? If he “grabbed it off a cart” then he wasn’t in the stands, he was at least on the walkway.



Part of me wants to go outside and see how far I can actually throw a banana for reference.

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There’s no possible way that dude flung a banana that far. An apple, maybe. Even a plum. But a banana? No.


All interesting thoughts. Unless, of course, our banana-throwing fan was recently Rowengartner’d, in which case, he might be able to replace Barry Zito in the Giants rotation.

Here’s another question: Is anybody going to ask Poulides to pay for the banana?

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