Fab Mamas: Trina and Towanda Braxton Talk Family Values

Towanda on being the primary breadwinner

 I also want to clear up a misconception that I somehow have an issue with Andre because he is not the primary breadwinner. That’s simply not true. I want people to understand that although I am the primary breadwinner, Andre is still the head of household.  For many, many years before I really came into my own, Andre was the primary breadwinner and he worked hard to provide for our family. Now, he’s a stay at home dad and I think this should be applauded. How often do we come down on our men for not being more present in their children’s lives? Here’s a man who actually wants to do that and people are passing judgement? I don’t get it. Personally, I don’t want a stranger looking after my kids. It’s very comforting to know that when I’m working and travelling, they are there with their dad. It works for us.  – Towanda


On how  she and Andre are holding up

Andre and I come from a long tradition of spiritual leaders, so we rely on our faith to get us through. Many people may not know this, but his grandmother was the First African American female to be ordained in the United Methodist conference in the state of Georgia. So we have a firm spiritual foundation to fall back on. Right now, we are both squarely focused on what’s best for the kids.  We just continue do right by our kids because they are who matter most.

On motherhood and teaching children responsibility


My boys are doing well, but I am going to be completely honest about this one. We’re in a tough phase now that they are teenagers. I did so much for them when they were little boys that it’s kind of hard now to tell them they have to do things for themselves. Everything I have done has been my for kids. I will do anything for them and although I meant well and really just wanted to give them the best life possible; looking back, I wish I had taken more time to teach them responsibility. I want to tell moms that if there is a man around and he is telling you to leave them boys alone and give them space to do things on their own, listen to that man and get out the way. I love my boys, but now we have to work on them being more responsible for themselves.  –Trina

I think a lot of moms can identify with Trina on this one. As an additional note, Towanda had some terrific ideas on how to instill responsibility in kids when they’re young. Makes sense, since she is the responsible one.

I’m a stickler for responsibility and ensuring my kids don’t take anything for granted. I give them a little monthly allowance and they have to pay me from that, because that’s how things are in the real world. They have to give me a dollar for rent or .50 cents for the utilities. It’s nothing major, but it helps them to understand early on that one day they’ll have to pay bills and be responsible for themselves.

About that Braxton Album

Last, but not least, we talked about when we can expect that long awaited Braxton Family album.  The ladies said there is nothing definitive in the works, but they continue to have heavy knees and pray that once they’ve all had the chance to pursue their own individual interests, that they can come together and make that album happen for the fans.

In closing, both sisters wanted to thank the fans for all of the love and support they’ve shown over the years. These sisters were very down to earth. We enjoyed talking to them and the sky is the limit for these talented ladies. We wish them the best.

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