Mayweather’s never – ever – been out of shape for a fight. The needle on his scale has never jumped near 160 pounds at any point in his life.

The bout with Alvarez is the most significant fight that can be made in boxing because it’s a fight that carries risk for Mayweather. Alvarez hasn’t fought nearly the level of competition that Mayweather has, but he’s knocked out 30 of the 43 men he’s fought.

His knockout percentage of 70 percent is better than Mayweather’s 59 percent.

Mayweather is only slightly better than a 2-1 favorite at the LVH sports book, a nod toward the bookmakers’ belief that Alvarez isn’t there only because the rules require two men.

He’s far more than a warm body. He’s got a legitimate chance to win this bout.

This is a match of speed (Mayweather) versus power (Alvarez). It’s one of age and wisdom (Mayweather) versus youthful exuberance (Alvarez). And it’s a match between the undisputed best and the guy who believes he deserves to be viewed that way.

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