Former Chicago Cubs And Miami Marlins Player Adam Greenberg Announces Run For Public Office

In announcing his 2018 run for state senate as a first-time candidate, Adam Greenberg, a Republican who lives in the town of Branford in the district, wrote on Facebook and Instagram that “I’m ready for the challenge to be a part of turning CT back to one of the best places to live in the country.”

Similar to other states, Connecticut’s legislature is considered a part-time job, so Greenberg, 37, will keep his job as CEO of Lurong Living, a nutritional supplement company. Greenberg is also the author of a memoir/self-help book called Get Up: the Art of Perseverance. Two other local businesspersons, a Democrat and a Republican, are also in the running so far, but additional hopefuls may emerge.

“Kennedy’s decision to not seek a third term could have significant political ramifications in the Senate, where Democrats and Republicans each hold 18 seats,” the Hartford Courant added.

The governor’s mansion will be also be up for grabs in November; incumbent Democrat Dan Malloy declined to run for a third term.

Adam Greenberg apparently will emphasize personal responsibility in his campaign for the Connecticut state senate, BranfordSeven reported.

If a primary is necessary on the GOP side, it will take place on August 14, 2018.

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