Black Truth News: What year did you guys started the club?

Big Mel: We started it in 2011; so we are new. Its for Chicago artist to have somewhere to go everyday of the week; not just Monday through Friday. For anybody who wants to have an event, they can bring them here. We are more of a smaller venue; but we bring stars out,and we bring the ladies out. For the urban Chicago, it’s for the people, and it’s all about the music in the city. We cater to the artist 100 percent. We about building fan bases, thats what we trying to do. If you come to the rap factory; you are coming to hear music. Basically if you a fan of the music this is where you going to go, if you trying to sell record’s, then this where you need to be; in a small way, we are helping shape the music industry here in Chicago.

Black Truth News: Give me a estimate of how many artists have came to perform at the Rap Factory since you have open.

Big Mel: We been open every week, and since we been open, I would say about 2,000 artists; that number might be too high, I’m going to say easily 1,000, because every week we have something. Out of town artists; major artists like Wacka Flocka, Maino, Scarface, Project Pat and almost everybody in Chicago. People from Indiana, Minnesota, Milwaukee; the whole midwest. We also host other events here for other promoters.

Black Truth News: It’s true you are an artist yourself right?

Big Mel: Yes sir.

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