No this is not the artist T-Wayne. Music from T-Pain and Lil Wayne’s T-Wayne album is finally released. Listen Now

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

Back in 2008 T-Pain and Lil Wayne were arguably the hottest two artists in the music industry. Both individuals were dropping hit after hit and dominating the radio and charts. The two combined their talents to create a couple of hits of their own as well. The chemistry and music went so well that they decided to dropped an album. Unfortunately this album never came out and that was the end of that project. Fast forward to 2017 and the two artists are nowhere as near as hot as they once was. However T-Pain still has the hot music that they recorded in 2009. Music from the album T-Wayne was released out the blue by T-Pain who said he was tired of it sitting in his hard drive. Just keep in mind we waited so long for the album; that an artist took the name of the album and started calling himself T-Wayne. Nonetheless, good music is always refreshing to hear. And this music just reminds us of a time when these two artists were at the top of the game. Take a listen to the music below.  

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