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Orchestra labor dispute is over; musicians back to work Feb. 1

In December, a group of 10 state legislators called for the resignation of orchestra president Henson and two members of the orchestra’s board of directors on the grounds that they have poorly led the orchestra. Save Our Symphony Minnesota, a group working to end the contract dispute, recently called on the City of Minneapolis to assume control of Orchestra Hall — and the Orchestra’s multi-million dollar endowment.

Now that the labor dispute is over, Save Our Symphony Minnesota Vice Chair Jon Eisenberg said he’s pleased with the agreement. But Eisenberg said he hopes new leadership on the board will involve the broader community in more decisions about the orchestra.

“We’re looking forward to working on how those other stakeholders can have seats at the table, and having discussions about the future of the orchestra and making sure something like this never happens again,” Eisenberg said.

The locked out Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra have performed a series of outside concerts to promote their cause. They announced a 10-concert spring season, but said coming to a deal with management was their priority.

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