Wed. Feb 26th, 2020


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Photo circulates of Martin Luther King High School students posing with swastika, Confederate flag

In a video statement posted on Monday, West said that the school created an Equity Committee where staff and students are working together to develop programs and events supporting “racial harmony and respect for all.” The school is also implementing “Synergy Days” to “help participants recognize and respect each other’s differences but also value and appreciate all of our similarities,” West added.  

“At this time in our country, the frank reality is that, political and social views are strongly held by individuals,” West said. “Individual views, while people are entitled to them, may be in direct conflict with those of others, our school, and our district values. Teachers and staff, I implore you, join me in devoting time to talk with our students about diversity, tolerance, respect and how to use social media in a positive way.”

It was unclear if diciplinary actions were taken against the students.

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