Rapper Plies Addresses Theme for the Future

Rapper Plies Addresses Theme for the Future

I know there a lot of artists who make great music, and touch on real issues and emotions in there songs, but I don’t hear these artists all the time. Most radio stations are paid, and programmed to play the same songs over and over again. Inviting your ears to this process, sometimes make you hate a song after you once liked it, and vice versa.

For me, the most disturbing part of the situation is the artist has little say so in the actual release of his /or her material. Creative control is a sticking point when signing a contract with a label, and what usually sticks is you have no control of your creativity.

Add on a 50/50 chance that the album may not get release and then you have a lot of pressure on the artist to come up with what’s “hot” right now as oppose to dropping what they feel. I’m thinking the trend can be reversed, if someone who is “hot” right now makes something meaningful that becomes successful.

Just maybe the copycats will take that lead and create something that can benefit the community. That’s why I wanted to give Plies his props, because he didn’t have to put out a song like “Family Straight”. He could have stayed “Wasted” with Gucci Mane, rode around and pick up his “Buss it baby” and got some good some “Becky”, but if he spent all his time doing that, I guess his family will never be straight.


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