Rusty Jabbz New York Hip Hop Review #16

When I was offered the opportunity by this artist to film his shows and assist in the setup of his website, I was honored. I’m looking forward not only to enhance my company but to enhance someone else’s career in the process. A sort of one hand washes the other, kind of pact.

I would like to thank, Shabaam Sahdeeq for giving me the first opportunity, in our arrangement tonight. I’m scheduled to meet, Shabaam Sahdeeq tonight live at Club Insomnia located in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. On tonight’s roster other than, Shabaam Sahdeeq are the Brownbag All-stars and Rustee Juxx. Yes, I finally get to meet Rustee Juxx. After all these years, our names clashed with one another because of its similarities but tonight THE RUSTY JABBZ -N- THE RUSTEE JUXX shall meet.

I arrived at the venue with my homie Sha, as soon as I stepped up to the door, the security all up in my grill, ice grilling like he knew me; or, like I did something to that scarred up that face of his. The guard had some nasty ass jailhouse scar going across his face; I was saying, to myself “if he doesn’t stop grilling me I’ll give that scar on his face some company.” Speaking of jail, the security was patting us down like we’re going up north on the visiting floor. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been thoroughly searched to enter a nightclub. My last time was two decades ago, Club Speeed. Only in B. K., you get strip searched to enter a club.

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