What’s Next after the Looting and Rioting for George Floyd?

I was taught by my uncle not to be moved by emotions. Instead logic should be the proper protocol in accessing how you react in a difficult situation. I understand it is hard to be rationale when you dealing with inhumane people that are constantly doing horrendous acts toward our people. That’s why I’m not condemning the people who are participating in the looting and rioting.  

I just want to know what do we do now? What happens when you tear up the community that you live in? What happens when the store that you go to every day is closed from destruction? There weren’t that many outlets to get groceries or other essential items in the Black community in the first place. Now that one store is closed; where will the people go to now? It is a question that I’m not sure people thought about beforehand. From their actions during the actual looting, it doesn’t seem that they cared about that question while they were doing it. 

I heard people criticize rapper Lil Wayne when posed this very question during an interview with Fat Joe. However, he made a good point. What are the steps that will ensure that the tragedy that happened to George Floyd will stop or be minimized? I do think the violence was effective to the point that authorities will try to prevent it from happening again at all costs. Hopefully that translates into persecuting those police officers who killed George Floyd to the maximum degree. In turn, hopefully that will serve as a deterrent to other police officers who might want to kill harmless people. That is the driving force behind the slogan “No Justice, No Peace.”  

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