Whitelyfe and Mack 11 of White Nation Entertainment Describe Their Unique Sound

Does that coincide with the project ‘White Christmas’?

Mack 11: Yeah it is connection with White Nation. We just made it all fit together.


I heard you guys got a street vibe to the music. If someone was listening to your music for the first time, what could they expect?

Whitelyfe: It just is a unique sound. We got our own lane, and flow; it just our flavor coming from the West Side of Chicago. It ain’t no bop music, it ain’t no drill music. We got our own sound; you just got to listen to it.


I’m from the West Side also, and I know it is just a different type of vibe. We usually about player stuff and getting money. What are some of the topics you guys touch on?

Whitelyfe: You already know how it is. We some cool dudes and we on some get money shit. We also talk about real life too. Take it how you want to take it, but we talking about our real life.


BTN: I see y’all getting a lot of from up in this spot. That is a good thing to see.

Whitelyfe: It’s like when the story so real, only the fake can hate. Ain’t to many people like us, and they know what type of people we are. The haters be on the internet, but we get in our city, we going to get love.

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