Whitelyfe and Mack 11 of White Nation Entertainment Describe Their Unique Sound

I want to get back to the ‘White Christmas’ project, is it a whole album or an EP?

Mack 11: It’s an EP


How many tracks?

Mack 11: Six


Is all the songs produce by one producer, or are you guys mixing it up?

Mack 11: We got three producers on there, so we mixing it up. We got 808 Mafia, Get Em Louie, and Cicero.


What song stands out that you would suggest I listen to first?

Mack 11: The song we got out now, ‘Junior Year.’ We just dropped it, and we got a video for it on Youtube. Y’all subscribe to our Youtube channel and check out the rest of our music also.


Do y’all have anything else dropping after this that we can expect in 2018?

Whitelyfe: Oh yeah. I’m dropping my second solo ‘No Good, Problem’

Mack 11: Then I’m coming with ‘Chi-Raq Big Homie’


Tell the people where they can find you guys at?

Mack 11: First off grab that ‘White Christmas’ everywhere! It is on iTunes and everywhere else. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at Mack11Maine.

Whitelyfe: You can find me on all the social networks @Whitelyfe and on Facebook @Whitenationceo


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