So many pennies all stored in a jar; some shiny some dull, some tarnished, I can see them all.  They all look so different but their value is the same.  They’re still just pennies, pennies that don’t look the same. 

They remind me of the people I’ve met on my journey in this universe.  Lord, is that the answer to it all?  They’re people not pennies in that jar.

White and black, young and old; some have money, others are pretty needy.  Each touched my life in some small way.  Good or bad, it made me the person I am today.  We’re all God’s children.  We don’t look the same.  Just like those pennies, our value is the same. 

God speaks to us through the people we meet.  He delivers messages that way.  When you meet a stranger who gives you a helping hand one day.  When you talk to people who suddenly supply the answers that you seek.  And others who finish your very thought before you can even speak. They’re angels in disguise, performing blessing right before your very eyes.

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