Black Truth News Top Ten NBA Players

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writernba

This is the third year that I am writing my list of the Top ten NBA players, and this has been by far, the most difficult year as it relate to who those top ten players are going to be. Key injuries to superstars like Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose, along with the emergence of players like Kyrie Irving and Paul George, have shuffled the order of royalty on the hardwood. Before I get into the list, it should be noted what my criteria is when selecting these players; first is the player’s position’s, simply put, I pick the five best players at each position, and then I pick the second best player at that position. Now this doesn’t mean these are the top ten per Se; you might come up with three point guards, two centers and so forth; but I like to keep it traditional and simple, and for the record, whoever you put on your list, I’m willing to bet my ten will beat them.

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