Blame it on the Alcohol

If I wanted to drink responsibly I’d stay sober.” @realityybites

Alcohol is for losers. Alcohol is for sinners. Alcohol is fun. I am a sinner.                 


While companies warn us to be responsible, they always depict drinking as the greatest show on earth, filled with smiles, laughs, lust & dancing at a discotheque. There is that one commercial that tells you to be leery of “one too many” but let’s be real, what is too many? What they fail to show us is the dark side of drinking, the fights, the hugging the porcelain god, the girl urinating curb side for all to see, the DWI/DUI’s, the unprotected sex & the panic & sleepless nights for the next few weeks while awaiting for her menstrual cycle. Let’s examine a few of our favorite elixirs.

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