Diddy Says “I’m not gon’ let your voice inside of me stop talking” at Kim Porter ‘s Funeral.


Celebrities, Family and Friends gave their last respects to the late Kim Porter last week. Porter, 47 was the mother was the on and off girlfriend and mother of Diddy’s three children. Diddy gave the eulogy and made a heartfelt pledge to Kim and the children. “Your mother instilled in me this…That I pledge in front of everybody right now that I will always be there for y’all. I’ll always take care of you. To the girls especially, we about to enter some different type of times. I want y’all to be able to talk to me about everything, and I mean everything…and I mean everything. Kim, we gon’ miss you so much. But I ain’t gon’ miss you too much ’cause I’m not gon’ let your voice inside of me stop talking.” he said. Watch the video below.

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