Is Diet Soda Bad for You?

Diet soda will cause you to feel dehydrated and lethargic if you drink too much of it, because that means you are not getting enough water. Those who are concerned with diet soda being unhealthy should definitely consider switching to water if they really want to make the right decision.

Water plays a big role in weight loss and improving your overall health. Mild dehydration (very common) is linked to feelings of sudden anger, depression, anxiety, and confusion. If you are having trouble focusing throughout the day, you are probably mildly dehydrated.

Major Negative Side Effects of Diet Soda Americans consume 50 billion liters of soda-pop each year. While diet soda may be lower in calories, it’s not a healthy alternative, here are 5 reasons why:

1. Kidney Issues – Harvard did a research study on women for 11 years and found that kidney health declined as they consumed diet soda. This is true especially for those who drank more than two cans of diet soda each day. The research group figured that the high sodium content and artificial sweetener were the two ingredients associated with the increased rate of decline in proper kidney functioning.

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