Motivational Speaker Gary Vee talks about Underpriced Attention and being Selfless, not Selfish

By: Jarrod Horton

Staff Writer

I didn’t know what all the hoopla was about, but the number of people coming into the conference room gave me an indication that it was something important about to happen. The overcapacity room got to the point that people including myself had to sit on the floor.

The person we were there to see was 44-year-old Gary Vaynerchuk. The motivational speaker has made a name for himself by using his lectures to help people and businesses build their brand and grow their company. This was my first time hearing him speak and to be honest, it was the first time hearing his name.

Arriving on stage to thunderous applause, Gary assured the crowd that they will be way more hyped up by the time he is done. I didn’t stay until the end, but I did hear some tips that I can use on a daily basis.  Some of the quotes that stood out to me were that some people are “selfish, not selfless.” He also emphasized the importance of taking advantage of “underpriced attention.” I recorded the lecture, check it out below.

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