The Crash Reel: A Sports Movie About the Dangers of Sports

Although Pearce himself remains reluctant to condemn the sport that has defined his life (in one way, and now in another), his latest project advocates for athlete-safe reforms in snowboarding. The Pearces are promoting a “Love Your Brain” campaign in tandem with the film’s release, and Kevin now travels the country telling audiences, “A helmet saved my life.”

The Crash Reel‘s hybrid format—part sports doc, part nonfiction health drama—delivers the most affecting parts of both genres. The Pearces’ heroic efforts to educate athletes and prevent brain trauma in sports make them just as inspiring as any underdog sports-movie heroes. And like a medical documentary should, the film convincingly urges viewers to be more protective and more appreciative of their own health—and in this case, of the gray matter between their ears.

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