We Must Open Our Eyes to America’s Political Prisoners

The United States, with by far the largest prison population in the world, denies that it holds even one person for political reasons. In reality, the very size and ferocity of the American Gulag sends a clear political message to all: “challenging the US imperial order, or merely being disruptive to the dictates of private property, can lead to human disappearance.”

By: Danny Pforte

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“They are locked away because their existence is dangerous to the American imperial order.”

Herman Wallace perished one day after his release from Angola prison. Herman’s death comes just weeks after President Obama begged for “humanitarian” missile strikes on Syria. His death happened days after the conveniently timed shootings in DC, Chicago, and Nairobi. The corporate media is too busy hiding the US military apparatus’s criminality in each of these events to make Herman Wallace’s passing, Lynne Stewart’s declining health, and the stories of all the caged political prisoners in America a priority. After all, doing so would undermine the contracts and special privileges corporate media giants receive for being committed mouthpieces for US imperial policy.

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