Your son doesn’t care that I’m dating his mom because my name is Drake

It is not uncommon for men to step up and become great secondary parents to the kids of the women that they are seeing. In fact, there is a ghetto saying that sometimes is true, that some men are better dads to their step kids than their own kids. I’m not going to travel down that road on this article. I’m not going to talk about absentee dads, deadbeat dads, or stepdads for that matter. Even though, it is kind of ironic that Drake was kind of shamed by Pusha T into revealing publicly that he had a son in a rap beef back in 2018. 

My take on this particular situation is a little bit more humorous. All I could think about when I read about this story is how Black boys hate it when men are messing with their moms. Shit, Black men hate it when you be dating their moms. Dudes could be 40-years old and their mama could be 65 and still will be looking sideways if she brought a man home with her. You can do a lot of things in the Black community, but you are crossing the line when you messing with a man’s mama.  

I remember being in the grocery store and this beautiful woman walked past with her son in the shopping cart. I wasn’t going to try to holler at the lady, but maybe I did look back to check out her more closely. When I turned around, her son was already staring at me, giving me that Arnold Jackson frown from Different Strokes.

His expression was like Dude I’m only 4-years-old, but I will beat yo ass if you talk to my mama! Safe to say, I didn’t want any problems with the shorty, so I kept it pushing. 

This also made me think about a joke I saw Mike Epps do on this subject. Y’all know he a damn fool, so I had to share the clip below. 

The crazy thing is, some Black Men can have the most negative views on every other Black Woman in the world except their mom. I guess it’s the syndrome that was touched on in the movie Baby Boy. A dude can have multiple baby mamas, a side chick, but somehow want the perfect man for his mama. Sometimes a dude has to put somebody’s son in a headlock like Ving Rhames and show his ass, I’m dating your mama no matter what! 

And you know what, sometimes this works. Sometimes, you have to go the extra mile, to show that woman and her kids that you really care. By the same token, most children just want to see their parents happy. They don’t want to see someone come into their life and take advantage of someone they love. Maybe this is the situation that Drake has going on with Johanna and her son Amari. However, I did ask myself, where is his dad and why isn’t he around? I mean, his dad is a guy named Aaron Bailey who played professional football for the Indianapolis Colts. Couldn’t he guide his son on how to be a professional athlete, since he was one himself?

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