Your son doesn’t care that I’m dating his mom because my name is Drake

I don’t know, like I said I’m not going to get into why these dads are not around their kids. I did dig deeper into the story and did see that Johanna likes to model on Instagram

I did find out that she was engaged to a dude in Chicago named Kevin Jenkins in 2010.  Things went left when Kevin Jenkins came home and saw former NBA player Antoine Walker sleeping with Johanna. He sued Antoine for $5 million dollars for damaging his soon-to-be marriage. Then there was an article in back in 2019, that stated that Chicago native and current NBA player Alfonzo McKinnie also dated Johanna.  

Judging from her history, I think we can guess she likes to date athletes. She is 40 years old, and maybe her son has grown accustomed to seeing other dudes around his mom. You know in some instances; kids let their guards down because they realize their mom is a (thot), I mean a grown-up who dates and has their own life. Or it might be possible that she has kept her previous dating life private from her children.

Even if that is the case, or even if her son didn’t like the other dudes she was dating, this is different. This is not Ving Rhames at the door with a Dobb hat on. This is not some random dude getting money from Chicago. This is not some journeymen athlete who plays professional sports but nobody knows his name.  This is Young Money! This is OVO. Mom, this is Drake and he is more than welcome to come inside our house.  

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